Akshrathaalukal started its journey in  2018. It is India’s latest literary blog in Malayalam, featuring articles, reviews, blogs, bloggers, Kerala, India & world. Now it has grown into the No.1 interesting literary blog in India. Akshrathaalukal is now the one-stop solution for Malayalam  Articles.

What is different about the Aksharathaalukal?

Aksharathaalukal is also a platform to perform and share your articles. Members/Users of the Akshrathaalukal can write their articles like stories, novels, poem and literary news with this blog. Through which, all Indians who love literary will know your ability to write. They will accept and encourge your articles. The articles can be rated as well as discussed (via commenting) by the community of the web portal.

This aksharathaalukal also helps to select books to read by articles with book reviews through our youtube channel

Aksharathaalukal.in follows no political line other than democracy. We support no particular religious groups, but we love people and encourage them to love each other. We believe in the power of the community, rather than in the power of the individual. We believe that the “articles-making” process and its attached viewpoints and opinions should be under the control of many rather than a few.